Our Services


Complimentary no-obligation consultation. This is to introduce ourselves to you personally first and foremost.  We will then work with loved ones alongside the 55+ retirement, independent and/or assisted living communities to provide a custom service plan detailing what your needs may be.


The sheer amount of items (often meaningful and sentimental), confound people at the best of times. Downsizing in retirement can be much more involved than moving from point A to B.  Families are caught up in a vortex of confusion and emotion regarding where to begin and what to keep. We work with  you in making those difficult but needed choices, providing gentle and objective guidance throughout  the whole process.


Hire, schedule, oversee, and organize vendors of services you may need.

Estate sales





Clean out


We take measurements of all items you would like to bring with you and utilize a "to scale" floorplan of your new home.  This digital layout helps our clients make room by room decisions about what to bring with them.  This step helps with fear of the unknown and loss of control as we work together in staging where each and every item is visually placed.


Memory placement is taking photos of collectibles and other items that have been displayed and recreating them, giving that familiar feeling in their new home.

Whether you just need organizing as a service or a whole move in/move out package we can go room by room, making sure every item has a place.


We go room by room packing and categorizing each box, stacking them out of your way as to not cause any hazards while waiting for movers.

Each box of items are equally packed with care, professionally and delicately so they come out the same way they went in.


On moving day, we will arrive before the moving truck and finish packing all last minute items, including frozen and refrigerated food that we place in coolers, and are loaded on truck last so it's first to come off.

We also coordinate with movers for placement of furniture using the finalized floorplan.


Starting with kitchen first so frozen/ refrigerated food items stay that way.

Bathrooms next, as medication is a priority.  We make the bed, plug in electrical: lamps/TVs/phones etc...

Hang and arrange clothes in closet.

Arrange collectibles/ornaments using photos taken before move.


We hang wall art up to 35 lbs, or stack it neatly out of the way.


We can help assist with changing and/or canceling needed utilities.


Once moved and settled in new home, we will give old address a realtor ready clean.  Or deep clean depending on what you require.


Throughout all these services we keep relatives informed and are constantly giving updates whenever requested and needed.  We go above and beyond knowing sometimes family are living out of state, and finding it just as hard not physically being here.  We want you to be at ease knowing everything is going smoothly.

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